Landscape Your Front Yard

A front yard is the first impression your house makes. Welcome your guests into your home with a stunning front yard, no matter how big or small it may be. Whether you are wanting a winding path through bushes and flowers or a simple hedge, the Stone and Living Landscapes team can create a beautifully landscaped area to make your home even better.

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Choose Quality Products

Cheaper is not always better. When it comes to landscaping, you want to invest in materials and plants that will endure the Australian seasons. Work with an experienced landscaper from the Stone and Living Landscapes team to create a strong and high-quality front yard. There’s no point in going through the landscaping process if the products and materials that you selected for their low price don’t last. 

Create a Cohesive Space

As with the interior of your home, you want the exterior spaces to flow from one space to the next. Whether you have a large backyard or a small patio, coordinating your outdoor areas can create a cohesive space, that feels as though they are connected. This also allows you to add your style into it, making your house feel more together and homely. As a front yard is generally the entry to your home, you’ll want to have a clear and flowing pathway. This will also save your plants from getting damaged from people trying to create their own pathway. 


A pathway needs to be functional, but it can also look good! We can help think of creative yet practical ways of creating a pathway to your home. Stone pavers are a classic choice, you could go for an organic style, set into grass or a more structured path where the pavers are cemented into the ground. Pathways don’t need to be a straight line, they can wind to fit around the land, or split off so you have a path to other areas of the front yard. Our team can help decide what will work best for your space and personal style. 

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Be Realistic

Whether you’re a bit of a green thumb, or a ‘let nature do its work’ type of gardener, it’s important to select materials and plants that you’ll realistically look after. Don’t select a high maintenance plant or if you won’t care for it regularly. Similarly, you shouldn’t choose timbers that need oiling every few months if you don’t think you’ll actually do it. We can guide you in selecting plants that will suit your lifestyle and interests.


Similar to your pathway, a driveway is a significant part of a home, so making sure it’s in top shape should be a part of your landscaping renovations. A driveway may take up most of your front yard space, so make it into a feature. Frame the driveway with hedges or shrubs. 


Hedges are perfect for when you don’t have a fence. Not only does it create more privacy, but they look great. Having a hedge does require maintenance, in particular, trimming. You’ll also need to be patient while the hedges grow and thicken. 

Create Levels

Depending on the size of your front yard, you could create levels. This can make the area feel bigger and utilises as much of it as possible. Dividing the yard space into assigned areas gives purpose to otherwise awkward spots. Some of these areas could be a veggie garden, a play area, an entertaining area or even a secluded spot to admire your newly landscaped yard. 

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Create Texture

When you have a smaller front yard, creating texture is a great way of utilising and expanding the area. Use a variety of plants, shrubs, trees and even pots and pavers to create different textures. By having this variety, you’ll most likely have different heights to work with, again this can make the front yard feel larger than it is, plus it looks great!

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Make the Most of Your Small Sydney Yard

We understand that yards come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes when you have a space that’s a bit on the smaller side, it can be hard to look at luxurious and spacious and not get a twang of envy. With our years of experience in bringing yards across Sydney to life, we know a few tips and tricks to make the most of the space that you have, making it feel larger than what it is.


Use a variety of heights throughout your backyard to create the illusion of more areas and space. Using different levels can create views for yourself. A high, open pergola can also become another level, adding to the landscape of your backyard.

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Embrace Vertical

Vertical gardens are a great way of getting as much greenery into your space as possible without sacrificing area, plus they’re perfect for adding privacy. Adding plants to a wall is also a fun way of sprucing up an otherwise plain and possible cramped space. 

Choosing plants for a small yard can be tricky. We recommend opting for more vertical growing varieties as opposed to shrubbery. This can help the space seem bigger, especially when you can mix more varieties into the space.

Another space-saving tip is to hang pots as opposed to planting them or having pots on the ground.

Multi-functional features

When it comes to ‘furnishing’ your backyard, it’s important to think about what is really necessary and what could just become a space waster. Benches that double as storage are a practical choice. Another practical yard choice is to plant herbs and vegetables. Utilise your yard space as well as provide fresh fruits and vegetables to your household.

Paved Patio 

Create a destination within your backyard with a paved patio set away from the house edge. You can go further with this concept and create a variety of areas, connected by paved paths. This technique breaks up an area, making it feel larger than it is. Assign each area with an ‘activity’. One area could be a reading nook, another a great spot for an afternoon beverage and one could be perfect for a lounge in the sun. 

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Theme it

Assign your backyard a theme. This will make it easy to remain consistent when you’re trying to decide on a direction to go in. Choosing coordinating plants and furniture will be made easier with a theme in mind and will allow the small space to be cohesive. 

Blended Living

Create a seamless transition from your indoor to outdoor space with clever landscaping. When you’ve picked a style for your indoor areas you should then carry that out to your backyard. If your home has timber flooring, your hardscape surfaces should then be timber, or concrete if that’s what has been used in your home. Making these two areas blend will allow you to open up both your interior and exterior spaces. 

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Contact us today for your landscaping needs. The team at Stone and Living Landscapes can create a beautiful yard, no matter what the size.

Time to revamp your Sydney yard!

The upcoming holiday season means sunny mornings and late evening spent outside, soaking up the warm days with friends and family, or even a quiet moment alone. Regardless of who you’re with, you’re likely to be spending more time in your yard over these summer months than any other time of the year. Your yard should then be in tip-top shape for entertaining and relaxing, however, we know how the hustle and bustle of Sydney life can get in the way of maintaining your yard space, especially after the cooler months. 

The team at Stone and Living Landscapes have years of experience in bringing yards to life. Whether it’s a simple tidy up with fresh grass and plants or new cladding for a porch area, the team can brighten up your Sydney backyard for all the summer fun. 

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Creating a barbecue area is a good opportunity to utilise any awkward yard space that you may have. With our paving service, we can create a small, or large, area for your barbecue and outdoor dining area, perfect for entertaining. 

Summer in Sydney is made much more bearable when you have a pool to jump into! We can provide landscaping and cladding services to transform your pool area into an oasis, perfect for escaping the heat. 

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Has your backyard seen better days? We can provide landscaping to give your back, or front, yard a summertime makeover! Anything from a fresh lot of grass to new trees that will provide lots of shade and plants to bring a pop of colour. Whatever your vision for your yard is, we can bring it to life. 

Contact the Stone and Living Landscapes team today to discuss your summertime Sydney yard makeover!

Stone Cladding  popularity is on the rise in Eastern Australia, and it’s not hard to see why.

It is widely considered to be one of the most durable and practical ways to ways to bring a dull backyard, paved entertaining area or outdoor space to life

Stone Cladding works in perfectly with common indoor and outdoor applications and entertaining areas including outdoor pools, pizza ovens and BBQ zones, feature and retaining walls bathrooms and fireplaces.

So what are the top 5 reasons you should consider Stone Cladding for your home?

1) Variety & Beauty

Stone Cladding is simplistic yet stunning in its beauty, and comes in a variety of diverse stone types, formats and colours ensuring it will suit just about every home and area. It provides a sophisticated and timeless look which can be enjoyed for many years to come and may also help with re-sale values for your property.

2) Insulation qualities and cost savings

If you are looking for a product to use all year round, then Stone Cladding offers a handy high level of insulation, which ensures that costs are kept down in regards to both heating and cooling. Stone cladding provides excellent natural insulation which doubles as an acoustic insulator aswell, helping to block out external noises such as tools, traffic and other residential sounds.

3) Durability

Stone Cladding is unique in its materials used, making it a very durable application that has a longer than average life span. This can ensure that Stone Cladding feature are made to survive most Australian weather extremes ensuring it will last for years on end, with very little and next to no maintenance.

4) Fire Resistance

Stone Cladding does not catch fire or conduct a flame, making it completely fire resistant. This make stone cladding a safe and reliable product to use for your home if you live in a fire prone area or need to fire proof your property.

5) Ease of installation & Cost Savings with Maintenance

Stone cladding is much more resistant to chipping and breaking compared to other wall materials, and the tiles come in set sizes a opposed to random pieces, ensuring an easier installation process and saving you money. This will also ensure that less money is spent maintaining a stone cladding wall or feature piece, as you won’t need to replace broken pieces or pay for labour to to relay a wall.

If you have any questions in relation to Stone Cladding and the benefits for your Sydney property, make sure you speak to Brenton at the team at Stone & Living Landscapes in Coogee and the Sutherland Shire.

Landscaping Services throughout South & East Sydney

Are you looking for a local and professional landscaper ‘near me’?

The experienced team at Stone & Living Landscapes in Sydney’s East and Southern suburbs would love the opportunity to help you achieve your dream garden.

Landscaping is often an overlooked practice when it comes to home maintenance and renovation. However, thoughtful and well planned landscaping can give your home the feeling of being brand new!

A tastefully landscaped garden can create an entirely new entertaining space for families. While some are convinced that it is better to DIY their landscaping, the truth is that a professional landscaper can create an oasis within your budget and for much less stress. Professional landscapers, like Brenton, have extensive experience and industry contacts to create a stunning garden beyond your wildest dreams. 

Brenton has been a lover of the outdoors since he was a child. Throughout his early years in a rural country town, a knowledge of the natural world became ingrained. It was, consequently, a natural choice that he should begin a career in stone cladding and landscaping. Throughout his life Brenton’s passion has endured. Still burning strong after Brenton moved across the globe to the United Kingdom. Now, back in Sydney, Brenton has extensive landscaping and masonry knowledge that he hopes to share. 

Brenton’s particular service areas through Sydney’s South & East include: 

  • Coogee
  • Sans Souci
  • Sutherland shire
  • Miranda
  • Hurstville
  • Maroubra
  • Caringbah
  • Sylvania
  • Como 
  • Cronulla

If you are interested in learning more about Brenton’s extensive landscaping, masonry and stone cladding knowledge, then contact us today!